From Our Families

March 2022
You have all been awesome.
October 2021
I was so impressed with Chris and Kammy at Kids Services. I was so nervous and scared going into my interview; ashamed of my circumstances. They both were so amazing at making my daughter and I feel comfortable in the many rooms they have available. They were non-judgemental and super easy to work with - understanding that this was an unfamiliar place & uncertain times in my relationship with my daughter and her guardians. You can relax and be yourself and just have good, quality time with your child. There are some basic rules, but they're easy to follow and they don't make you feel bad if you don't remember all of them. Gentle Guides who just want to make sure that everyone is safe and happy.
October 2021
They are awesome and helped my children overcome their fear of their first time visiting with th other parent. I would highly recommend this facility!   
September 2021
I wanted to let you know that my experience there with the kids was absolutely wonderful.  It's a wonderful incredible business that you have and everybody there was so nice.  I was sort of dreading this before I knew what the program was about, but I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to do this not only to see my kids but just everything about it was positive.  I wanted you to know that everyone there is so great and kind and understanding.  I'm gonna miss Buddy the dog. 
August 2021
I can't say how appreciative I am for the services you have provided our children over the last several months.  You have provided a great environment for them to remain connected with their mother as we worked through this mess.
August 2021
Thanks so much.  You have a fantastic staff and I appreciate the professionalism and kindness my children and I received while working with your team.
June 2021
Thank you for your kindness through such a tough time.  What you are doing is important and hard and probably heartbreaking.  Please know that we appreciate you and the work you did to keep my child safe and comfortable during her visits.  We will miss you.
April 2021 
What an absolute amazing experience!!!  I LOVE everything about KIDS Services!  A nice peaceful environment for my kids and I to enjoy our time together!  Staff is very friendly and a pleasure to be around.
April 2021
Thank you so much for your time and all of your help throughout this experience.  You have been wonderful.  I am very excited for this next step.  We will miss you very much.  Take care.
February 2021
A big thank you to ALL for all you have done fo my son and how you handled things with his mother.  I appreciate all your prompt correspondence with me as well.  Btw, my son told me how much he will miss the pup that roams around that building of yours :).
August 2020
It has bn very stressful and to b honest i didn't know what to expect . . .You (Kammy) made me feel so much better about it all . . .You brought my anxiety down so much . . .now i can just focus on my daughter . . .I just wanted to say thank you . . .Your a pretty cool Woman 
July 2020
I have absolutely appreciated your kindness as my kids and I have had to live through this difficult time.  I have totally appreciated all the safety measures you've taken. 
May 2020 
I just wanted to take the time to thank you again for your kindness, empathy, and willingness to accomodate so that I may finally see my baby.  My entire world has literally been wrecked w/out my son, its a pain that nothing compares to . . . You are the first person (Kammy) who has been nice to me in weeks.  So I wanted you to kow that you made a difference in my life today and I will never forget you!  Eternally grateful.
February 2020
Your facility is over the top.  You are so very kind and thoughtful to everyone.  KIDS Services is the top place for supervised visitation.
February 2020 (Professional Colleague)
It has been amazing to witness your incredible heart, compassion, determination and fortitude to see Idaho families be successful in your work through KIDS Services and the resources and support you have continuously provided to those families in need.  Your expertise has been invaluable to my work with families. 
January 2020
Thank you for helping my boys through the past several months. We have grown and learned a lot over the past few months. Of course this was not a situation I wished to be in, but I believe my relationship with my boys has improved greatly during the time we spent at Kids Services, and for that, I'm grateful for the structure and discipline you helped me with.
November 2019
Thank you for your help and support while my son had his visits with his mother. Most importantly, he looked forward to going to your facility and talked about how he liked it. The staff was excellent, he knows them by name and how he enjoyed them. I also felt that the rules were enforced in a fair and reasonable manner. I see now why the rules are important.
May 2019
I first want to say thank you so, so much to all of you. This has been the hardest, most hurtful, and one of the loneliest times in my life. I can honestly say I would never have made it without all of you. That 2 hours a week was the most important 2 hours of my week & I always looked so forward to being there. I appreciated you treating myself and the kids like family and accepting us. We were always very comfortable & felt like we belonged. The kids & I want you to know we hold a special place in our hearts for you & we will for a long time. You are wonderful people! Thank you so very much for all you've done and been for us.
April 2019
Thank you for everything that you've created and helped my son and I achieve.  I feel indebted forever to the staff for helping us establish a healthy relationship.  Fortunately!!!!! Our relationship is progressing and we now can spend some actual one on one time together!!!!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!
March 2019
My experience with kids' services was amazing. The staff was wonderful and professional and compassionate and contributed to a wonderful experience that I shared with my children. Kids' Services was also helpful before and after the visit with notes and reports that I needed for a court hearing. As a person who was falsely accused of abusing my children, it would have been difficult to make any progress in the situation without Kids' Services. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! 
March 2019
I am so grateful for what you do and how supportive you have been for the past two years.  I will miss your company A LOT!
December 2018
I wanted you all to know how valuable your services are to families in difficult situations.  Without professional like you K.I.D.S. would loose out on love and family attention they so desperately need for full development.  Though your services will no longer be need for my family, I want to extend my gratitude.
October 2018
My children have been going there for a couple months now.  You have always been professional and had my kids best interest at heart.  You have done EVERYTHING in your power to shelter my kids from the behavior of their father, up to and including calling the police when things got out of hand.  You made sure my babies were safe and didn't suspect anything while they waited for me to get there to pick them up.  I appreciate the professionalism of your employees and my children love the supervisors!  I would recommend your place to anyone!  Thank you Kids Services for all that you do!
August 2018
KIDS Services has allowed me to see my daughter more often than before, and also is a great source of protection for me. (Legal matters)  It's a great experience.
June 2018
Thank you for all your help and kindness.  You are great!
March 2018 
Your wonderful!
October 2017
Time flies and it's already 2017!  Ever since 2011, we have come here each Sunday afternoon.  Thank you for taking walks with us and being flexible with our schedules.  It's a friendly and comfortable place because of everything you do. 
February 2017
Your facility & procedures made me feel comfortable that my children were as safe as they could be w/our situation!  Thanks! 
September 2016
Thank you for your help in assisting myself and my daughter in getting reaquainted.
August 2016 (Social Worker)
Your supervisors are very well informed on families & appear to be sincerely concerned about kids.  I couldn't survive as a social worker without the help of KS.  Thank you!
June 2016
You are so professional and keep the kids so safe.
October 2015
Thank you for your help in assisting myself and my daughter in getting reaquainted.
July 2015
Thank you all for allowing me to use your services.  Im sure my daughter as well as myself will have happy memories forever.
February 2014
My daughters feels safe and secure while there.  Thats the most important thing.  I am very thankful for the service that kid services provides.
November 2014
I haven't met you but my son speaks very highly of you.  I just wanted to say thank you so much for what you are doing to help him with the drop off and pick up of his son.  We are thankful for your help.
July 2013
We truly appreciate all that K.I.D.S. Services did for our family's needs.
April 2013 (Social Worker)
KIDS Srevices did a fantastic job with my family and I hope to work with everyone in the future!!
October 2012 (Social Worker)
Thank you for working with me and my family.  I appreciate the supervisor's notes and professionalism in expressing concerns or needs of the family as well as positives when present.  I feel as though I am watching the visits myself.
April 2012
I think the girls and I both feel empowered by kids services and much safer about the visits. 
February 2012
Thank you for keeping my kids safe while they are there.  I certainly appreciate how you have listened and responded to my concerns.  Thank you again for all your help.