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Services and Fees

KIDS Services offers a number of services to meet the various needs of the clients and courts we serve, including:

· High Level Supervision: On-site visitation conducted by trained staff where the monitor is physically in the room at all times, seeing and hearing everything that occurs.

· Medium Level Supervision: On-site visitation conducted by trained staff where the monitor observes the visit through video cameras while sitting in another room. For families that do not require a high level of supervision this level is less intrusive.

· Therapeutic Supervision: This is a high level of supervision that takes place with a licensed mental health professional as the supervisor. The therapist works with the parent and child to facilitate a visit when there are issues between parent and child.

·  Supportive Supervision: Sessions that combine supervised visitations with active feedback from a monitor specifically trained to provide this level of supervision. (Please note that this level is not Therapeutic Supervision.)

·  Virtual Visitation: Sessions that take place using the internet. 

· Monitored Exchanges: Exchanges of children without parental contact.

 Intake Fee


 High Level Supervision*

  $90 Up to Two Hours

 Medium Supervision*

  $90 Up to Two Hours

 Virtual Supervision**

$100 Per Hour

 Monitored Exchanges

  $35 Each Exchange

*Visits are a minimum of two hours.
**Visits are a minimum of one hour.   

Unless specific fee arrangements are noted in the court order, each party will be responsible for their intake fee. The visiting parent will be responsible for the cost of all visits. 

With the exception of Therapeutic Supervised Visitation, KIDS Services determines the level of supervision.