Our Staff


Chris Jones - Director
Chris has a passion for advocating for children whose families have been disrupted by divorce, domestic violence, and custody disputes. As a CASA volunteer, she soon knew she wanted to do more for these vulnerable members of our society. In 1999, she left the business world and founded KIDS Services. Chris' strengths lie in creating new programs. Throughout the years, she started the CASA model of Guardian's ad Litem for the family courts in District III and Celebrating Families - a 12-week program for parents and their children in substance abuse recovery. She started the first supervised visitation agency in Idaho and introduced Therapeutic Supervised Visitation to our community. She is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network and has completed their 24 hour Certificate Training. She has also participated as an instructor in state-wide trainings for new visitation providers. Chris is an active member of AFCC, attending two of their multi-disciplinary conferences yearly for the past 20 years.  In 2018 she was honored with AFCC's President award for her volunteer services.  
Kammy - Assistant Director 
Kammy has a bachelor's degree in Social Sciences and has worked in the field for more than 20 years. Her work experience is primarily focused on the betterment of family and children. Kammy completed an internship with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare's child protection unit where she obtained skills in empathy, objectivity, and reunification. She is a member of the Supervised Visitation Network and has completed their 24 hour Certificate Training.  
Rick - Supervisor
Rick has been with KIDS Services since its beginning 20 years ago.  For more than 40 years he has served to address the social concerns of our community in private, county, and state agencies. Supervised visitation has been a part of his work for almost half his career. Rick's has always focused on customer service. His "customers" have been youth and families - particularly those of the most challenging kinds. One of his supervisors of over ten years said he was "the consummate teammate" and "elevated those around him to be their best." Rick's perspective on the value of individuals and families, the processes of change, and commitments to work for long-term results is reflected in his personal preference for whole-food cooking, simple outdoor exercise, and stories of inspiration woven into children's literature and media.
Lisa - Supervisor
Lisa has worked with meeting the needs of families for 25 years in the social services field through her employment with state, county, and private agencies. She works with adults, youth, and young children.  Lisa has provided case management, reunification, and crisis intervention by evaluating the needs of individuals and planning for long term success. She has worked as a visitation supervisor for five years. Her passion is to provide support to families and individuals who are facing challenges and to be part of the process of obtaining positive outcomes.
Rebeca - Supervisor
Rebeca has worked serving children and families for over 25 years working in private, state, and religious agencies. She has extensive training working with children in different settings, such as community based at-risk programs, family dynamics, and child development. She is a graduate of Grand Canyon University with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Sociology and a minor in Social Work. Rebeca has received certification certificates of Early Childhood and is a Family Wellness certified instructor.
 Buddy - Therapy Dog
Buddy is a one year old Maltese.  He is a "puppy with a purpose".  He enjoys greeting the children as they arriver for their visits and walks with them to their visit room.  Buddy is especially helpful when children are transitioning from one parent to the next.  If a child is nervous they often find comfort from him just sitting in the room while they visit.
Jennifer Ritter, LCPC - Therapist
Jennifer, a private practitioner, has worked with KIDS Services to create the first Therapeutic Supervised Visitation program in southern Idaho. She has a master's degree in Counseling from Boise State University and holds a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor endorsement. In addition to working with clients in her private practice, she has worked as an inpatient counselor on the Behavioral Health Unit at St. Alphonsus Hospital.  Jennifer is an active member of AFCC.  She attempts to work closely with attorneys, mediators, parenting coordinators, and mental health professionals to help families navigate their way through the family court system.
Nekane Arrieta-Resnick, LCPC - Therapist
Nekane currently has a private practice in downtown Boise. She has worked side-by-side with Jennifer Ritter to help build the Therapeutic Supervised Visitation program KIDS Services provides to the community. Since graduating from Boise State University with her master's degree in Counseling she has worked as a counselor in a variety of professional settings, including schools and mental health clinics. She holds a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor endorsement.  Nekane's passion is in working with children, young adults, and parents.
Janet, CTRS - Recreational Therapist
Janet is a graduate of the University of Idaho where she received a bachelor's degree in Recreation and a master's degree in Adapted Physical Education. Janet has over 35 years of experience in the behavioral health field working with children, adolescents, and adults. Currently, she is a Recreation Therapist for children and adults on the Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit of St. Alphonsus Medical Center where she has worked for 20 years.
Amy, CTRS - Recreational Therapist
Amy has been working as a Recreational Therapist for more than 18 years. She is a "hands on" therapist, working with a wide variety of populations, ranging from Veterans, geriatric, and mental health, to children with dual diagnosis'. Amy has found her professional enjoyment is in working directly with people, helping to reconnect themselves to what is truly the most important to them in life.