Activities to do at a Supervised Visit

Play Air Hockey

Make bead jewelry

Have your child teach you their favorite Wii game

Make a family banner using hand prints to tell about family members.

Play Skee-Ball

Build with Legos

Teach your child magic tricks

Bake Cookies


Play Foosball

Play Board Games

Make cards for relatives; include a picture of the kids to make the card special.

Build a Train Track

Take a picture story book and cover up the written text. Have your children create their own story

Play Pretend with Fisher Price Play Sets

Watch a movie

Tell each other jokes

String different pasta shapes on yarn to make strands

Read a book


Make a colorful collage of magazine pictures.

Play with Building Blocks

The Registration Process

All services begin with a court order. We do not take cases without one. The order should specify the following:

How much visitation: It is preferable to not list specific days and times as KIDS Services may not be able to accommodate them. It is better to state how much visitation you are allowed: i.e. Two 2-hour visits a week.  

Who pays for our services? If the court order does not specify who pays, our policy is the visiting parent pays for all visits. Each parent is responsible for their own intake fee.

To start the process, one or both parties need to contact us. You can do this by completing our Registration Form.  You will receive an email confirming that we received your information within 24 hours.

The Court or your attorney will not contact us nor will they supply us with a copy of the order. This is your responsibility.

If you need financial help see our page on Grant Funding.

Upon receipt of your contact information we send out a packet of information to each party. Complete the questionnaire and contact our office to schedule your intake appointment. Each party must complete an intake interview (separately) before visits can start.

Biological parents or legal guardians only are allowed at the intake interview. Step-parents and significant others cannot attend.  

Bring the completed questionnaire and a copy of the signed court order with you to the interview. Due to the discussion of adult information, children may not be present during this time.

Payment of $75 for the intake ($150 if you are responsible to pay for both parties) is due at the time of your appointment.

Approved grant funds will be applied. If you submitted a grant application, but have not received an answer before your intake appointment, you will be expected to pay the full amount. If you ultimately qualify for funding, you will receive a credit.

Once all parties have completed the intake process, KIDS Services will schedule visitation based on the Court’s order and the availability of all parties. Although KIDS Services makes every effort to accommodate scheduling requests, that may not be possible due to the current scheduled times of the families we are already serving.  If the Court's order specifies specific days and times and we are not able to accommodate them, it may be necessary for you to return to court to change the order.